Full Disclosure on my Free Money Guide

You may have seen that I’ve made posts about getting free money recently. I’ve had a few emails asking if they’re legit. It completely is, and I wanted to give full disclosure on my free money guide. Other than it working and it’s easy for you to do, I also get money if you sign up using my referral codes. Shock horror.

This is affiliate marketing in a way, but you don’t have to sign up to any complicated schemes to do so. It really is that simple.

The good thing about this is that the referee can become the referrer as soon as you’ve signed up. You can sign up using my referral codes and claim your free money today. After that, you can then invite more people to sign up to the app and earn some extra. You can do this with a group of friends or via your favourite social platform.

Below you’ll find a table of all the current options that I’ve found so far in my free money guide. I will explain each column. But feel free to scroll right down to the table.

1. Company

This column shows the company that’s offering the monetised incentive to download their app and join their service. The company name is linked, sometimes with my referral link embedded if it’s available.

2. Referral Code

This column shows any referral code that’s required to qualify for the free cash bonus. You will need to use these codes on signing up if you want to earn your first cash reward. After signing up, you will get your own code.

3. Referrer Bonus

This column shows how much the “Referrer” makes per each successful signup. If you use MY code to sign up, I am the referrer.

4. Referee Bonus

This column shows how much the “referree” makes per successful signup. If you use MY referral link to sign up, YOU are the referee.

5. Qualification Requirement

This column shows you the basic requirements that need to be met in order to qualify for the signup bonus, other than using the referral code.

6. More Info

Just for ease of use, this column links to a post I have made about the particular app or product that is mentioned.

Free Money Guide Table

After all that, here is the free money guide table.

CompanyReferral CodeReferrer BonusReferee BonusQualification RequirementMore Info
MoneseDANIE101£10.00£10.00Deposit at least £50 into your accountCLICK HERE
OvalDWER2MNU£5.00£5.006x individual savings within 3 monthsCLICK HERE
x Circle (Offer Finished)BDMY00£5.00£5.00Deposit at least £25 into your account - Offer FinishedCLICK HERE
CurveVV1NJ£5.00£5.00Make a payment on the card when receivedCLICK HERE
CleoClick Link1 Month Cleo+ membership (£4.99) or 5000 Cleo Reward Points1 Month Cleo+ membership (£4.99)Sign up with your Bank DetailsCLICK HERE
WeSwap(click link)£5.00£5.00Signup for this Travel Money card, no deposit required (Extra £5 bonus available with a £50 deposit)CLICK HERE
Monzo(Click Link)£5.00£5.00Spend on your new Monzo CardCLICK HERE
WealthifyClick Link£50£50Deposit £500 for 3 months
XendPayClick Link£10£10Perform a currency transfer of £100
Trading 212Click LinkFree share worth upto £100Free share worth upto £100Register for Trading 212 and top up your accountCLICK HERE

I hope that this makes sense to you and you now understand that I make money from this, and you can too!


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