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I never think of free stocks and shares. When I think of high cost shares, I think of Wolf of Wall Street, Business men in suits, lots of buying and selling on big 80s mobile phones that resembled bricks. It’s never really been something that I’ve played about with. Mainly because I’d always thought I’ve never had enough money. Until now.

When I became aware of the offer, i couldn’t sit this one out. And I feel like you guys needed to know too! For the sake of depositing at least a £30 into this stock trading app, you can get up to £100 worth of free shares that you can cash out or re-invest. That seems like a good deal to me.

Where can I get Free Stocks and Shares?

Trading 212 is a company that provides a website platform, and apps for iOS and Android smart phones that allows you to trade on and learn the stock market, with no fees or commission! As well as providing these wonderful tools, they are also offering you some free stocks and shares when you sign up with the code below.

Providing that you are a resident of the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, or The Netherlands, follow this simple process.

  • Head over to Trading 212 by clicking Here – Trading 212 (referral)
  • Sign up for an “Invest account”
  • Deposit at least £30
  • Your free shares will be credited within 24 hours (excluding weekends).

It’s a fairly straight forward process and really worth checking out.

Please be mindful about what you’re doing using the Trading 212 service. Don’t deposit more than you can afford to lose. Real money can be at risk and I take no responsibility for any losses you may incur.

I will let you know, that the above link is a referral link. In this instance, it means that we both get a reward when you click the link and you successfully sign up. You can head over to without the referral code, but this offer will not be available directly.

Like Getting Free Money?

I’m getting pretty good at finding these deals! Head over to find out how I made real money, just by registering for a few apps!

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