Launched in 2017 by Dan Woosnam as a common sense guide to personal money management for the less financial savvy British millennial.

If you’ve ever found yourself missing a bill, getting a late fee or slipping into your overdraft a little more than you’d have liked, this website is for you.

Getting into financial difficulty is a slippery slope and often difficult to recover from. I’m still disappointed to see that money education isn’t a compulsory subject on any curriculum that I’ve come across, so we aim to educate you on the simpler side of money that’s often overlooked. We want you to get a solid financial foundation in place before moving onto bigger and better things.

Who am I?

I’m Dan Woosnam. An early 30’s Server Analyst by day, photography enthusiast by night and father to two girls by both. With no formal qualifications or any background in financial management, I quickly came to the realisation that I needed money to get by. When you look after money, it looks after you.

From the moment I got my first job, I setup a savings account and ensured that small payments were made into it each month, that account soon evolved into a Cash ISA, just because nobody likes the tax man. Monthly deposits into my ISA from age 16 rose as my jobs changed/salary increased and allowed me to save over £20,000 which helped go towards my first mortgage deposit at age 28. Paying very low rent to the “Bank of Mum & Dad” and having minimal outgoings allowed me to maximise my monthly deposits.

It was probably in my early 20’s that I got my 1st credit card. I never wanted to be in debt. This dream couldn’t become a reality. Looking back, I’m not even sure what I used that first credit card for. You can be sure that I definitely got it on an “interest free on purchases for X months” offer. This followed suit for almost every other credit card.

After falling into the traps of juggling multiple credit cards as time went on, something had to change. I devised a system to ensure that I could always afford and would never miss payments. I aim to pay no interest on my borrowed credit.

Why Wallet Workout?

Working smarter, not harder has allowed me to get to this point of my financial journey. A millionaire is far from what I am, but I’m in a good enough place to share my common sense guide to money amongst friends and family. I have now set up up to help you too.

Thanks for being here. I really appreciate your visit.