How I made £20 by installing these 4 apps

I’d always wondered if I could make money installing apps. It seems that the reality is now. There seems to be a slew of financial technology companies that are offering cash incentives to new customers. With varying services available for you to try, Even if you don’t like these apps, you can take the money and run. Take a look to see how I made £20 by installing these 4 apps in a matter of minutes below.

It’s no get rich quick internet pyramid scheme, but it’s a quick and easy way to top up your bank balance with a little bit of beer money. Make sure you read and understand the terms and conditions for each application before signing up.

Some of these offers may have changed. There’s an updated list of these offers and more in my 2019 Free Money Guide

Make Money Installing Apps : How to get £5 free from the Monese App

Monese (Monese Ltd) is an app that I’m still in the process of reviewing. It’s essentially another current account, but as a bonus for setting it up, you get you guessed it, a free £5.

INFO: This offer changes back and forth quite regularly from “Deposit at least £50, Get £10 free” to “Deposit at least £10, get £5 free. I’d recommend depositing £50 as a catch all method.

Monese App Free Money

  1. Download Monese from your respective app store or click here
  2. Follow the signup process and use this invite code when prompted – DANIE101 (if you don’t use this code, you don’t get the £5)
  3. Verify your identity with one of the requested methods (I used my Driving Licence)
  4. When prompted, choose the free account.
  5. Deposit at least £50into your Monese Account via bank transfer.
  6. Claim your £5 reward and withdraw it and your deposited balance to your current account.
  7. After signing up you can get more money by referring your friends to the service. Who would think that you can make money installing apps?

You can also earn rewards by inviting your friends to use Monese.

Make Money Installing Apps : How to get £5 free from the Curve App

Make Money Installing Apps : Curve Card Review

I wrote about my first month with the Curve App (Curve London) and Card here. I’m still a big fan despite finding a few niggles.

  1. Head over to The Curve Website and enter your phone number or download Curve from your respective app store.
  2. Follow the sign up process using the app (Use code VV1NJ where prompted if you want £5 free Curve Rewards after your first transaction – if you don’t use the code, you can still get the card, but no bonus).
  3. Once the signup is completed, wait a few days for your card to be delivered.
  4. While you’re waiting for your new card, register your existing cards in the app – this takes a small payment to allow you validate the card. This is refunded.
  5. When it’s delivered, verify your card in the app.
  6. Replace your default cards with your shiny new Curve card.
  7. The £5 here is added to your Curve Rewards virtual card that you can spend anywhere. I don’t believe you can withdraw this from a cashpoint though. (This money sits pending until you make your first purchase in the Curve card)

After signing up you can get more Curve Rewards by referring your friends to the service.

Make Money Installing Apps : Get up to £100 worth of free shares with Trading 212

Trading 212 has revolutionised and simplified the process behind buying stocks and shares. They’re currently offering up to £100 worth of stock shares to any new customer that signs up and deposits at least £1!

  1. Head over to Trading 212  (use this link, otherwise the offer won’t be available.)
  2. Setup a Trading 212 Invest account.
  3. Deposit at least £1 into your account from your debit card.
  4. Your new account will be credited with your free share within 24 working hours.
  5. Sell your share
  6. Withdraw your free money back to your card.
  7. Or try your hand at investing – though there’s risk involved

You can also refer your friends from within the application to earn yourself some more cash.

Make Money Installing Apps : £5 free from Monzo

Monzo is one of the fintech companies that has full bank status. It’s app only, which means no branches meaning they can keep costs down for you. Keeping costs down so much that they’re offering £5 free to new customers. You don’t have to fully switch to them for this offer!

  1. Jump over to Monzo using this link (if you don’t the offer won’t be valid)
  2. Enter your email address to start the sign up process
  3. Setup your account with the same email address.
  4. Activate your card when it gets delivered
  5. Transfer some money to your new Monzo account
  6. Make your first spend on your new Monzo card
  7. Receive your bonus £5 for the pleasure.

Monzo also offer shared accounts, you could earn more money if you get your partner to sign up too.

Make Money Installing Apps : Get £5 free from Oval Money

Oval Money is a fintech app that connects to your bank accounts and helps you out with your savings in some interesting ways such as making a deposit each time you post on Facebook. I’m pretty sure I know some people that could be saving a fortune!

  1. Download Oval Money to your phone from your respective app store.
  2. Follow the signup process ensuring to enter all of your banking and address details correctly
  3. Enter referral code : DWER2MNU (You don’t have to use this code, but you will only get the £5 if you do)
  4. You need to make at least 6 savings deposits within the first 3 months to unlock the £5 bonus.
  5. Withdraw your bonus and your savings… or continue to use the service if it suits you.

Make Money Installing Apps : Get at least £5 worth of travel money with WeSwap

WeSwap is a travel money service that will send you a pre-pay MasterCard and offer great value on your exchange rates to multiple currencies, and at least £5 free for the pleasure of trying them out. A free £10 (£5 extra) if you’re willing to topup your card with at least £50. Worth it? I think so!

  1. Sign up to WeSwap using my Referral Link – failure to use this link will result in no bonus being applied.
  2. Follow the signup process ensuring to enter all of yourVer details correctly
  3. Download the app to your smartphone for ease of use
  4. Follow the prompts to verify your phone number, email address and card when it arrives.
  5. ATM withdrawals below £200 will cost you, so just spend as normal.

Make Money Installing Apps : How to get £5 free from the Cleo App

Make Money Installing Apps : Get £5 free by downloading the Cleo app.

I’m still reviewing this app and it seems like it could take off in a big way, but the £5 free part definitely works when you sign up and connect it to your bank account.

  1. Ensure you have access to Facebook Messenger – This “App” relies on it.
  2. Visit this Link
  3. Ensure that you connect at least one of your bank accounts.
  4. Once you are set up, send Cleo a Facebook message saying “Wallet”
  5. Follow the on screen prompts.
  6. Claim your £5, withdraw it to your bank. (This was pretty much instant as soon as I’d connected my bank)

After signing up you can get more money by referring your friends to the service.

Make Money Installing Apps : How to get £5 free from the Circle App

*UPDATE 15/9/18: This offer appears to have ENDED. You will no longer receive £5 on signing up with this link, however, you are still able to sign up and the service is still available. Update me if you find this is different!

How to get Free Money from the Circle App

I wrote about Circle (Circle Internet Financial) over here, but for the sake of this post I’m mentioning it again.

  1. Download the Circle App from this Link
  2. Sign up with Circle and when Prompted, use Promotion Code – BDMY00 (if you don’t use this code, you don’t get the £5)
  3. Register your card details
  4. Get a friend to do the same as above
  5. Send your friend £25 using the Circle app. (I would offer to accept and return your £25 payments, but I understand that people wouldn’t be keen on sending money to an internet stranger)
  6. Get your friend to send the £25 back to you.
  7. Claim your Free £5, withdraw it to your bank.

After signing up you can get more money by referring your friends to the service. It really is crazy that you can make money installing apps!

Make Money Installing Apps : How to get £25 free from the Pingit App

I feel like I’d be cutting you short if I didn’t mention Pingit. Created originally for Barclays customers, it’s now open to everyone and offers a referral reward scheme for inviting friends. Money transfers are based on mobile phone number and they’re instant. You are given 5 slots to refer friends and providing you have at least 5 friends who are willing to sign up, you can make £25 – Your friends each get £5 for signing up.

  1. Download Pingit (Barclays Bank PLC) from your respective app store
  2. Follow the instructions for setup
  3. Deposit some money into your Pingit account.
  4. Refer your friend
  5. When a friend has signed up, send them £1
  6. Get your friend to send that £1 back to you
  7. Both claim your free £5 (first time it was near 24 hours before appearing, but was quicker on other referrals)
  8. Repeat 4 more times.

Make Money Installing Apps

Following the above you should now have at least £20 available to you. That’s a few beers, or at least a taxi ride home. Treat yourself!

Please note, that my referral links and codes are used above. This means that we both get rewarded when you sign up for the app. Feel free to not use the links or codes above, but if you chose not to, the rewards will not appear. See my full disclosure regarding these sites!


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