How I made £20 by installing these 4 apps

I’d always wondered if I could make money installing apps. It seems that the reality is now. There seems to be a slew of financial technology companies that are offering cash incentives to new customers. With varying services available for you to try, Even if you don’t like these apps, you can take the money and run. Take a look to see how I made £20 by installing these 4 apps in a matter of minutes below.

It’s no get rich quick internet pyramid scheme, but it’s a quick and easy way to top up your bank balance with a little bit of beer money. Make sure you read and understand the terms and conditions for each application before signing up.

Some of these offers may have changed. There’s an updated list of these offers and more in my 2019 Free Money Guide

Make Money Installing Apps : How to get £5 with this Monzo Referral Code

Monzo is hitting things big time and shaking up the UK banking scene as one major players in the digital only banking game. I liked them so much that I’ve fully switched to them. Even better news, there is now a Monzo referral code to get £5 free fro trying them out!

  1. Head over to HERE and enter your phone number to accept the invite.
  2. Download the Monzo app from your app store of choice and set it up making sure to use the same phone number that you accepted the invite with
  3. Once the registration process is complete, wait for your card.
  4. Make a payment on your card within 30 days of accepting the invite.
  5. Recieve your hard earned £5.

Monzo has been a great bank for me so far and I’m really happy I made the switch. Be sure to check out all of it’s features, not just another tick in the box to make money installing apps.

Make Money Installing Apps : How to get £70 free from the Monese App

Monese (Monese Ltd) is an app that I’m still in the process of reviewing. It’s essentially another current account offering a bonus for new customers.

FEB 2022: It’s back on offer! I’m a big fan of Monese and I’d recommend that you try signing up to see if it’s something that’d work for you! The current offer is a bit vague on the process though.

Monese App Free Money
  1. Download Monese from your respective app store or click here
  2. Follow the signup process and use this invite code when prompted – DANIE101 (if you don’t use this code, you don’t get the bonus)
  3. Verify your identity with one of the requested methods (I used my Driving Licence)
  4. Deposit at least £50 into your Monese Account via bank transfer.
  5. Claim your first reward within 48 hours after your card transaction on your Monese card.
  6. After signing up, continue to use the Monese card for at least £500 worth of purchases or bank transfers to claim up to £70. Who would think that you can make money installing apps?

You can also earn rewards by inviting your friends to use Monese.

Make Money Installing Apps : How to get £5 free from the Curve App

Make Money Installing Apps : Curve Card Review

FEB 2022 : Curve have changed it up again. The £5 reward still seems to be mentioned in the app, but there’s definately more push to the 1% cashback. If you only use your Curve Card, like me, this can add up.

I wrote about my first month with the Curve App (Curve London) and Card here. I’m still a big fan despite finding a few niggles.

  1. Head over to The Curve Website and enter your phone number or download Curve from your respective app store.
  2. Follow the sign up process using the app (Use code VV1NJ where prompted if you want £5 free Curve Rewards and 1% cashback on (almost) everything after your first transaction – if you don’t use the code, you can still get the card, but no bonus).
  3. Once the signup is completed, wait a few days for your card to be delivered.
  4. While you’re waiting for your new card, register your existing cards in the app – this takes a small payment to allow you validate the card. This is refunded.
  5. When it’s delivered, verify your card in the app.
  6. Replace your default cards with your shiny new Curve card.
  7. The £5 here is added to your Curve Rewards virtual card that you can spend anywhere. I don’t believe you can withdraw this from a cashpoint though. (This money sits pending until you make your first purchase in the Curve card)

After signing up you can get more Curve Rewards by referring your friends to the service.

Make Money Installing Apps : Get £25 free from Wealthify

Wealthify is on hand to make investing easier for the every day person. Not everyone has time to work out where to invest their money. It allows you to put your money up front and they follow your orders of how adventurous you want to be with your investment.

New customers signing up using the link below and depositing at least £500 will be granted a £50 bonus after keeping their investment account open and topped up for 3 months. That’s a 10% return on your investment.

I must state that as this is an investment service, your capital is at risk. YOU COULD LOSE MONEY. Only sign up if you’re interested in starting investing and understand the risks involved.

  1. Head over to Wealthify using this link – CLICK HERE
  2. Choose the type of account you want. I went for a general investment account to not upset my current ISA.
  3. To qualify for the offer, you need to set the initial deposit at £500, and set the monthly investment at £0
  4. Minimising loss at this point was a priority for me, so I chose the Cautious investing option.
  5. Continue through the sign up process
  6. Download the app from your respective app store.
  7. Top up your account with £500. I used a bank transfer from my Monzo Account. (Revolut or Monese weren’t accepted)
  8. Keep your money in the account for three months and try not to panic if it dips.
  9. Your £50 reward should be added to your account after the time period.
  10. withdraw your money, or keep it investing.

The reward will not be granted if you withdraw any money from the account within 3 months, though if your investment dips below £500, you will still be eligible.

Make Money Installing Apps

Following the above you should now have at least £20 available to you. That’s a few beers, or at least a taxi ride home. Treat yourself!

Please note, that my referral links and codes are used above. This means that we both get rewarded when you sign up for the app. Feel free to not use the links or codes above, but if you chose not to, the rewards will not appear. See my full disclosure regarding these sites!


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