Cleo Review (And A Free £5)

We’re in a modern age with technology all around us. However people still manage to find ways to innovate and give us new tools that we never even knew we needed! If you’ve ever been a little less skilled at managing your money, but a little to tight, or just plain can’t afford a financial advisor, then Cleo might just be for you. This is my quick and simple Cleo Review.

Cleo Review : What is Cleo?Get £5 free by downloading the Cleo app - Cleo Review - Wallet Workout

Cleo is your friend. Cleo is your personal financial assistant that can give you the heads up when things are looking good, or bad with your finances. You can even get £5 free from Cleo just for signing up if you keep reading below!

I don’t even know how to describe Cleo. It’s not an app in the traditional sense. It’s an artificial intelligence that tells you about your money via Facebook Messenger or SMS. It seems to be a part of a growing trend that’s happening right now. There even looks to be integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant coming soon which is really exciting for a nerd like me.


Cleo Review : What Can Cleo Do?

I was ultimately skeptical at first. I was a bit dubious about the signup process, but took the plunge anyway and I’m glad I did. I have found Cleo really useful. It’s more of a reminder for me to keep my money in order.What can Cleo do? - Cleo Review - Wallet Workout

Balance dips below £100? Cleo’s there letting you know. Still haven’t managed to automate your money and keep track of spending patterns? Cleo’s on it. Spending too much on eating out? Cleo want’s to tell you how much you’ve spent, and usually compares it to how many Greggs sausage rolls you could have bought for the same amount. – I’m not sure that’s the best comparison it could make though!

If you can be a bit frivolous with your money and have pondered the idea of reigning it in a bit. Cleo might be worth a shot. It’s a little unintrusive, sometimes humorous nag to let you know exactly why you’re left with too much month left at the end of your money.


Cleo Review : Get £5 Free from Cleo

***UPDATE 3/5/18*** Cleo have made an update and now when you sign up with the below details, you get £2.50 as a signup bonus rather than £5 to add to your Cleo Wallet. They make the rules, it’s still free money though!

***UPDATE 13/11/18*** Cleo have made updated this offer and now when you sign up with the below details, you get a free month of Cleo+ (worth £4.99) as a signup bonus rather than £2.50 to add to your Cleo Wallet. Cleo+ is a premium service that offers you rewards based on your spending and offers some level of overdraft protection.

I’m still reviewing this app and it seems like it could take off in a big way, but the £5 free part definitely works when you sign up and connect it to your bank account.

    1. Ensure you have access to Facebook Messenger – This “App” relies on it.
    2. Visit this Link – If you don’t use this link, you don’t get the free £5*
    3. Ensure that you connect at least one of your bank accounts.
    4. Once you are set up, send Cleo a Facebook message saying “Wallet”
    5. Follow the on screen prompts.
    6. Claim your £5, withdraw it to your bank. (This was pretty much instant as soon as I’d connected my bank)

After signing up you can get more money by referring your friends, family or stangers to the service.

Free Money From Cleo - Cleo Review - Wallet Workout

*I am not affiliated with Cleo, however, by using my referral link above, I do receive a referral bonus for a successful signup.

If you’ve signed up to Cleo just for the free money, check out my post on free money from other apps.


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