Free £5 using the Circle App

I was initially introduced to the Circle App by playing the augmented reality mobile game Snatch. This Pokemon Go-esque game is a free to play mobile treasure hunt that allows you collect parcels filled with either in game money, used to buy perks; or real world money and gifts. The perks are used to assist you in protecting your stash, or to help you Snatch parcels from opponents. The real world money is delivered to you by the Circle App in anything from £1 to £1000 increments.

*UPDATE 15/9/18: This offer appears to have ENDED. You will no longer receive £5 on signing up with this link, however, you are still able to sign up and the service is still available. Update me if you find this is different!

You can see the current available offers over at my 2019 Free Money Guide

What is the Circle App?

Finally. You can share money like everything else online — whether your friends are in the same room or a different country. Super easy and totally free. The way it should be.

Circle allows you to send money over the internet in the same way that you can send messages or photos. With ease, and with no fees! Think for a second. No fees. Paypal has been around for years and is still one of the major players, but there’s fees for everything.

Whether it’s splitting a bill, or planning a holiday, Circle makes it easy to organise the money.

Financial Conduct Authority authorisation gives you that peace of mind that it’s a legit application that’s not going to steal your money. All your financial details are encrypted with two levels of AES 128-bit symmetric encryption and they’re fully PCI-DSS compliant.

How to get Free Money from the Circle App

How can you get £5 for free from the Circle App?

Providing you are not already an existing Circle customer and have trustworthy friends, that are also interested in signing up, you can earn yourself £5 for very little work. Or more if you have more than one friend. You lucky soul!

Follow the simple steps below within 2 weeks to start the ball rolling.

  1. Download the Circle App from this Link
  2. Sign up with Circle and when Prompted, use Promotion Code – BDMY00 (if you don’t use this code, you don’t get the £5)
  3. Register your card details
  4. Get a friend to do the same as above
  5. Send your friend £25 using the Circle app
  6. Get your friend to send the £25 back to you.
  7. Claim your Free £5.

*I am not affiliated with Circle, however signing up with the above promotional code means that I get £5 too.


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