£10 for Christmas from this Monzo Referral

UPDATE: You probably want to be looking at my 2019 Free Money Guide. I’m keeping that one up to date!

I’m beginning to lose track of all of the financial tech companies and online only banks that are offering financial rewards for new signups. There’s been little to find in regards to Monzo referral codes, despite having been around for a while. Monzo started life as a pre-pay card. It’s evolved in it’s short existence to now be a fully fledged online bank. One with lots of perks!

As one of the cards up it’s sleeve, this December, you can find a Monzo referral link below offering new customers £10 for just signing up and making a single spend on the card. The spend could be as simple as the validation check when you add the Monzo card onto Curve.

You will want to register with the Monzo Referral link below to activate the free £10 offer.

Monzo Referral for a free £10

Providing you are not already an existing Monzo customer you can follow the steps below to find a free £10 winging it’s way to you, completely free, along with a Monzo MasterCard to help you spend your money.

  1. Click the Monzo Referral Link
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Download the Monzo app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store
  4. Follow the sign up process using the same email address you entered earlier!!!
  5. Verify your account
  6. Make a purchase on your new card
  7. Claim your £10

Got your Free £10 from this Monzo referral and want more?

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