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Free Money is something we all dream of. Thankfully it doesn’t have to be just a dream. It’s and there’s still an abundance of new customer offers floating around that will help you pocket a fair amount of cash. Last month was long, why not treat yourself? A few minutes effort might fill your pockets enough for that special night out.

Bare in mind that all of the offers below are for new customers only, but let’s not waste any money and dive straight in like Scrooge McDuck.

Monese – £25 Free Money

Sign up to Monese, use referral code DANIE101. Deposit £50 into your new account, use your new Monese card for a purchase, get a £10 bonus after 48 hours. Keep using the bank and get a further £15 after £500 worth of spending. Withdraw or spend at your leisure.

Curve – £5 Free Money

Sign up to Curve, use referral code VV1NJ. Make your first spend (Chip & PIN) on your Curve Card, get a free £5 reward.

Cleo – £5 Free Money

Register for Facebook Messenger based Cleo with this link. Once you’ve connected your bank account and setup a Cleo Wallet by sending “wallet” to your new financial companion, you can get £5 free that you can withdraw back to your bank.

Oval – £5 Free Money

Sign up to Oval, use referral code DWER2MNU. When you have made 6 automatic savings, you will get a £5 free credit in your account. Quickly withdraw-able back to your bank.

WeSwap – £10 Free Money

Sign up to WeSwap using this link. You should get £5 free for joining. Load your account up with £50 and get an extra £5! Spends are available with your WeSwap card.

Cash App – £5 Free Money

Resister for the Cash App and use referral code RWVBNFC. Get £5 free when you send £50 to another Cash App user.

N26 – £10 Free Money

Not Currently offering bonuses

Sign up to N26 using the referral code DANIELW2297. Activate your transparent N26 card, transfer some money into your new account and make your first purchase from your N26 account. You should receive your £10 bonus into your account.

Revolut – £15 Free Money

Currently not offering bonuses, though a free Revolut Card is available.

Trying to peek over the £5 offers, Revolut have tried to push in with £15 being up for grabs with for new customers. Sign up to Revolut, verify your ID, add money to your new account by card or bank transfer and order yourself a card. You get a £15 bonus after you’ve made your first card purchase.

Monzo – £5 Free Money


Sign up to Monzo using this link. Receive £5 to your Monzo account when you make your first spend on your Monzo card. Instantly transferable.

It’s as easy as that! Then it’s your money to do with as you wish. Probably a good little starter fund for some guaranteed, tax free profit with Matched Betting!

Free Money Guide 2019

I also benefit from you signing up to these services using my referral links. You can go direct to the application/website to sign up if you want but the offers aren’t available without these links and codes. They help to keep the site up and running.


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