Oval Money App Giving a Free £5

As I continue on my digital conquest to get free money for the minimal hassle of installing apps, I found myself installing Oval Money. Available on iOS and Android, this fintech company are kindly giving away £5 for completed signups for new users. This isn’t a full review as I’ve only just found it, but here has a helpful hint for anyone looking for a quick bit of spare cash.

What is Oval Money?

Oval Money is a financial technology smartphone app that was launched in October 2017. It links to your Bank accounts and Credit Cards to automatically track your spending, analyse your spending habits and make saving easier. There are varying options for saving including what I think is quite a good idea; saving a set amount each time you post to social media!

Is Oval Money Safe?

The app has been authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Saved data is stored with industry standard AES-256 encryption algorithms while transmitted data from the app to their servers is protected by using SSL SHA-256 with RSA-2048 Encryption. That’s all well and good if you understand it. Your savings are stored in a segregated account in your name at Barclays. Neither Oval Money, their partner MangoPay, nor the bank have direct access to the funds in your account. Their FAQs answer more security questions, but it’s your responsibility to read the Terms and Conditions of the app,

Save Money when you post on Facebook - Oval Money App

Get £5 free from Oval Money

  1. Download Oval Money to your phone from your respective app store.
  2. Follow the signup process ensuring to enter all of your banking and address details correctly
  3. Enter referral code : DWER2MNU (You don’t have to use this code, but you will only get the £5 if you do)
  4. You need to make at least 6 savings deposits within the first 3 months to unlock the £5 bonus.
  5. Withdraw your bonus and your savings… or continue to use the service if it suits you.

*I am not affiliated with Oval Money. However, by using my referral code above, I do receive a referral bonus for a successful signup.

Want more free Money?

If you’ve signed up to Oval Money just for a bit of extra cash, check out my post on free money from installing apps for more ways to get your hands on some free money.


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