How Does Shopmium Work?

The smartphone has really helped with almost all things money, including spending it too, unfortunately, but another app popped onto my radar recently that piqued my interest. Well, I think it might have been the combination of a free jar of Nutella and a new app to try. Needing to take advantage of that offer, I had to ask myself,  does Shopmium work?  I downloaded Shopmium from the Google Play Store and got to testing. Keep reading to see what’s on offer for free near you!

What is Shopmium?

Shopmium is a smartphone app that offers you full or partial refunds on items available in supermarkets. This means that you could get a bit of cash back from your weekly shop. This was the main draw for me. Who doesn’t want cashback from their weekly shop? They are also keen on you reviewing these products, though it does seem that you can get the cashback before giving any feedback. The signup offer still seems to be a free jar of Nutella

It turns out that after installing the app, you can’t get cashback on everything. It’s probably for the best. It would be a logistical nightmare! You can however, get cashback on a selection of items that are generally new releases such as a new flavour or a brand new product. Although this means there is an incentive to try something new, it can also mean that you’re still spending on something just for the sake of it to get the cashback.

How Does Shopmium Work?

It’s probably best to do a little planning if you’re going to use Shopmium. Once signed up (see the offer below), the app opens to an “all deals” screen. You can adjust this so that it only shows offers for your preferred supermarket. Only the big ones seem to be available at the moment, so I chose Tesco as it was nearest me.

You can then scroll through all the items that are on offer and click them to see what the offer consists of. The offers vary per product. The in app “Wallet” is just a shopping list of the products you’d like to buy/try and adding items to it is just the tap of a button. Adding items to your wallet isn’t necessary, but it’s handy as a reminder.

Do your shopping. Head out to the supermarket, get all the usual’s and pick up your chosen extras too. Head to the checkout and pay. Shopmium is not an instore app, and other than the wallet if you chose to use it, you don’t need it on your shop. On saying that, there is a barcode scanner in the app that you can use to check if the product you’ve picked up is elegable for the offer. It’s best to be on the safe side I guess.

Once you’re home, or back in the car if you’re excited like I was, you need to take a photo of your receipt, and then of each item that that you’re requesting cashback on. Easy.

The app then sends that information off to Shopmium HQ and verifies it before authorising it and sending the cashback to your chosen bank account (I used my Monese details) or PayPal.

Your money will be processed while you’re left to enjoy the products and leave a review for others to read.

How Does Shopmium Work?

How Does Shopmium Work? And did you say Free Nutella?

Yes, at the moment, when signing up using my Shopmium referral code below, you can get a free jar of Nutella! Amazing! (Offer is subject to change over time)

  1. Download Shopmium to your phone from your respective app store.
  2. Follow the signup process ensuring to enter all of your details correctly
  3. Enter referral code : D6J2U (You don’t have to use this code, but you will only get the free Nutella if you do)
  4. Follow the cashback process in app.
  5. Get your cashback paid to your own account or PayPal

*I am not affiliated with Oval Money. However, by using my referral code above, I do receive a referral bonus for a successful signup.

Does Shopmium Work? Hopefully you’ll find out for yourself! Let me know in the comments if you found this useful, or just if you like Free Nutella!

If you’re not really into free, or cheaper food, and just want some free money for little effort, check out how I made over £20 installing a few different apps.



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