How to Make Money from Blogging

It’s spouted about so often that you’d wonder why everyone isn’t making money by blogging. There’s lots of courses you can take, lots of “blueprints” you can buy to “guaranteed” blogging success. But in reality, it’s a lot of hard work. The trick isn’t focusing on how to make money from blogging, but how to start blogging.

You’ve probably read about super successful bloggers making 6 figures every month. Reign it in. Everyone had to start somewhere. I guarantee you they weren’t making that from day one. It all takes time and a lot of hard work. Don’t give up your day job just yet.

How to make money from blogging : Just Start!

Don’t focus on how to make money from blogging. Worried about finding your niche and narrowing it down? Don’t worry about paying for adverts to bring traffic to your site. Stop Googling how to make money from blogging or what should I blog about?Just start blogging!

There were too many things holding me back from starting this blog. What should I blog about? How can I be individual in my chosen niche? Will people like what I’m writing? What if I fail? I don’t know SEO. What if i’m not number one in Google? Do I really have the time to blog?

I held off from starting for too long. Invisible barriers were up all around me. I knocked them down. I can’t remember what prompted me to start, but I just thought, stuff it, let’s go!

Scrap all that! Just start! Let the words flow. Just write about what interests you. If you’re interested in it, and you can make it sound interesting, you’re already half way there. You won’t know if people will like what you’ve written if you haven’t written it yet! You are an individual, just write as you. Find your own style.

Are you sure you can spare the time to blog? Is starting to watch Game of Thrones from season one, for the third time really a valid use of your evening? Take some time to start your blog. I have a full time job, two young children and a girlfriend. Visit the gym 4 times a week and I try and run or cycle on at least one other day of the week. I also have a dog that I walk. But guess what, I still squeeze in some time to work on my blog. Don’t get me wrong, I’m far from perfect. my posts are sporadic at best. But I try and make time to do SOMETHING!

There are lots of great guides out there on how to start. But if you haven’t started and are putting up these barriers, you’ve already failed. If you start, and fail, there’s something to learn from.

You can even start blogging for free. With zero outlay, what are you waiting for? Even if it’s just practice in writing. It helps. You will never make money from blogging if you aren’t actually blogging.

How to make money from blogging : There’s no failure, just feedback.

Give yourself feedback. Take feedback from others. Ask for feedback if you need to. There will always be things that can be improved. Have you read my blog? I’m always looking at things and trying to tweak them, just to see if it performs better.

I’m not making millions from this blog. But I know that I’ve made enough to cover the costs of my hosting and domain name registration fees (and to buy some things on the side). It works for me. It can work for you

Get to it. Now.

How to make money from blogging

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