Sliding Through the January Sales

I might be showing my age, but I remember when the January sales started in January. Thanks to the birth of the internet, January 2nd is no longer a special day for shoppers. The January sales start on Christmas Day! You can finish your Christmas dinner, get out your new iPad and shop to your hearts content. Should you want to!

I would hope that I’ve you’re here, reading my blog, that you won’t have dropped an unnecessary penny on any of the things that this January sale might have to tempt you. Inflated RRPs and big savings are all there to entice you in!

When you’ve been putting off that big purchase for six months and you notice its price has dropped massively because the time of year, there might be an exception. You can treat yourself without the feeling of buyers remorse. I hope.

Because the RRP of a pug statue in rose gold with a polished concrete base has dropped £500 to 99p, it doesn’t mean it’s a good deal. It means it’s tat that nobody else wanted and you still shouldn’t buy it! Unless you REALLY like pugs. (This is a product that I made up that may or may not exist, I hope for the latter!)

What should you Buy in the January Sales?

What Can I Buy in the January Sales?

You might have got the hint that I would mostly just avoid shopping in January all together. But, other than the obvious mentioned above, How about buying Christmas stuff? The season’s just finished and stuff is going cheap!

Our artificial Christmas tree was on its last leg. Literally. The base was being held together with all kinds of tape and glue. My wonderful girlfriend has We have been on the hunt for a new one, but nothing has tickled our fancy. Hopefully i can make a new base and stick it out another year or two!

But other than decrepit decorations, wrapping paper and cards if you do them are still going cheap. Get some if you can afford the storage space! What are lofts for?!

If you do get wrapping paper in the January Sales, try and get recyclable! Save the world! There’s talk of us having a brown packaging paper Christmas next year. Wonderful!

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