Save Money on Cleaning Products

There’s a warning sign that’s just appeared at my front door. If 20 litres of white vinegar and 5kg of bicarbonate of soda are delivered to your house, step away from the Pinterest! In the efforts of trying to save money on cleaning products, I stumbled down an internet rabbit hole of DIY alternatives that come up at a fraction of the cost.
I wasn’t initially looking to save money on cleaning products, I was looking for alternatives to the mountains of different things that we needed. Some I liked, some I didn’t. I wanted a one product does it all kind of deal. There’s a lot of marketing around cleaning products that takes your eye away from the actual performance of the product. What’s this about them killing 99.9% of all germs? You know that 0.01% is the one that will kill you! Look out!
So, as I slid further and further into this virtual black hole I noticed a few products that kept popping up. Wonder products that will clean everything and everything. Magical substances that just might help me save money on cleaning products. Natural and safe to use around children and pets.
White Vinegar and Bicarbonate of Soda. Aside from combining both to form a chemical reaction similar to a really disappointing volcanic eruption, I wasn’t really aware of their cleaning potential. The more I looked, the more uses I found.

How do you use white vinegar for cleaning?

  1. Use White Vinegar to clean windows. Mixed in a 1:1 (50/50) ratio with clean (I used pre-boiled and cooled) water in a spray bottle, you can clean the most stubborn of grime from your windows.
  2. Use White Vinegar to clean your microwave. Pour some white vinegar in a microwaveable bowl and pop it in for a minute on full power. The steam generated will loosen all the muck from inside.
  3. Use White Vinegar to clean your surfaces. You can use it neat or dilute with water, but Vinegar is a great surface cleaner

There hasn’t been a use that I’ve been disappointed with yet, and surprisingly (disappointingly), my house doesn’t smell like a chip shop!

Save Money on Cleaning Products

These are the products I bought (affiliate links)

Golden Swan White Vinegar, 5 Litre, Pack of 4. 20 litres is a fairly large amount. Make sure you have somewhere to store it!

Hexeal SODIUM BICARBONATE of Soda | 5KG BUCKET 5kg is also a fairly large amount. Buying in bulk saves some money though.

Microfibre Cleaning Cloths, 20 PackThere’s no point having these things for cleaning, if you have no method of using them. These cloths are great!

5 x Trigger Spray Bottles 500MLYou can’t just pour a bottle of vinegar on your intended surface. These bottles offer a nice fine mist. Made window cleaning a breeze!

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