Profiting from the Pandemic

Welcome to lockdown. We are stuck in a weird time at the moment as Coronavirus sweeps the planet. On it’s war path, it’s crippling small businesses and causing great difficulty to more than just the infected. Being limited to fresh air two times a day, we’re glued to our screens more than ever, constantly consuming the depressing facts that the worlds media is feeding us. Rather than consuming, I was wondering how we could create. Creating anything, from arts, crafts would benefit anyones mental health in these peculiar times, but what about creating money?

I am thankful to be working from home, self isolating in a local government job as COVID-19 spreads. I do know that it is causing major concern around the country and my thoughts go out to those that have been negatively impacted by Coronavirus.

Thinking of a way that I could profit from this pandemic, to share with you, especially those that may have been made redundant and are struggling to make ends meet. I’ve read stories of unethical methods around profiting from the Coronavirus pandemic but definitely wanted to steer away from that. Reselling toilet roll and hand sanitizer at a massive markup is just plain greedy for those that were thinking it! I still don’t get the toilet roll thing!

Matched Betting – Profiting from Coronavirus

I first ventured down the Matched Betting route. This is pretty much a non starter as almost every sporting event that I can think of to bet on has been cancelled to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Even Mexican snail wresltling. What COVID-19 has given some of us though, is time. Time to read, time to teach yourself new things. Getting your head around matched betting in your down time wouldn’t be a bad idea. Once the world has returned to what we once called normal, I think the offers will be flooding in!

Incentivised Signups – Profiting from COVID-19

Despite the troubling times that the majority of the UK’s businesses are dealing with as Coronavirus turns the nation upside down, there are still offers to be had. Companies that want you as a new customer are still offering offering up to £20 to successful new customer applications.

You’re probably better off heading over to my other post that focuses on the bulk of the ones that are worth it where you can see how I made (more than) £20 installing a handful of apps.

Profiting from the Pandemic - COVID-19 - coronavirus

Investing in the Pandemic

I must first admit that I’m far from an expert in this field. As COVID-19 spreads, the stock market has taken a hammering. So now could potentially be a good time to buy if you were keen on seeing some long term goals. It’s all about the waiting game here. Nobody can predict the future and you have to utilise common sense. If you can’t afford to invest the money in the first place, don’t as you may lose it. Your money is at risk here!

However. Trading 212 are still offering a free share worth up to £100 to new customers who sign up and deposit at least £1. You can sign up here, get your free share, and wait it out for the market to shoot up when normality returns. If you use this link, I also get a free share worth up to £100.

Another option is Freetrade. Not being hampered by COVID-19, they offer a similar service to Trading 212 and occasionally offer a free share, up to £200. Again it’s just a waiting game to see if your free share will make you rich.

If Coronavirus and stockpiling toilet paper haven’t cleaned out your bank account and you and gather a little patience, opening a Wealthify account could be beneficial to you. For an initial £500 investment, you will get £25 free after 3 months. Their team of investors will be juggling your money and hopefully making some reasonable trades to benefit you.

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