2019 Easter Holiday Hack

Forget Christmas. There’s nothing exciting going on there. Think about Easter! More specifically, the time you should be booking away from work for Easter. With this Easter Holiday Hack, you can extend your leave for free, providing you don’t work weekends or bank holidays. Sorry for those people that do!

Whether Easter is a special event for you for religious reasons, a chocolate heaven, or just the excitement of a long weekend, I’m about to make it just that tiny bit better. By booking just 9 days leave, you can stay away from the office for 18 days in a row! How can you perform this magic? Keep reading this Easter Holiday Hack.

Easter falls late in April 2019 and that’s a good thing. I might mean that it’s longer to wait to gorge on chocolate all day, if that’s your thing, but it also means that it falls very closely to another very special day in the UK calendar. May Day bank holiday.

When these special dates combine, under the skies of a full moon, you get to utilise this Easter Holiday Hack. Well, it’s nothing to do with the full moon, but There is a full moon scheduled for Good Friday if it’s of any interest to you!

Easter Holiday Hack – Calendar Dates

2019 Easter Holiday Hack

Providing that you don’t work Good Friday, Easter Monday or May Day marked in purple, you can take pleasure in booking 9 days off in between and set your out of office alert for a full 18 days. Maybe set aside a day to automate your finances, or make some savings on subscription services?

There’s a high possibility that if you’re trying to avoid the times when the kids are off, this plan is dead in the water for you! It looks like the Easter break for schools around the country are planned somewhere between the 8th and the 26th of April. Be sure to check the School Holidays in your area.

Releasing this information now, should give you enough time to book in before your colleagues. You can gloat when your leave is accepted. It might also mean that the prices for holidays might sneak up if the travel agents catch wind of this.

If you’re not looking to go away, and just want some “me time”, you can take some time off to earn some money on the side with Matched Betting or installing apps.

Let me know if you find any other sneaky holiday hacks!

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